SUMMARY: Getting I/O-errors after connecting a DAT to a Sun

From: Goeran Jensen (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1993 - 05:10:44 CDT

Hello Sun-Managers,

I got I/O-errors from Harddisk after connecting the HP 35480A DAT-Drive to a
Sun SPARCsation LX under Solaris 2.2

The likely poeple below told me, that such problems are caused by the
Fast-SCSI-Bus of the new Suns. They are much more sensitve to the lenght and
quality of the SCSI-Bus-Cable and terminators. Low quality will cause
timing-problems that are responsible for the I/O-errors. An very important
thing is to take an *ACTIVE* terminator. I had a passive one and I'll ordered
an active one.
Zdenek told me, that the HP35480A need a special setup for each
UNIX-Workstation. I checked this too. He also told about timing-problems on

Thanks to the following people:

     Glenn Satchell (
     Martin Achilli (achillm@imihsra.bitnet)
     Zdenek Dospisil (

Thanks for advise!

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