SUMMARY: automount's idea of $ARCH under Solaris 2.2

Date: Thu Sep 02 1993 - 07:25:53 CDT

Well, as I mentioned in my followup, I had overlooked the relevant
part of the manual page. automount can be supplied with the -D
option to define variables for use in maps, a la:

bin class:/x/vol/${OSREL}/bin

which does the trick nicely. So, in /etc/rc.local on the 4.1.2
machine, I put:

automount -v -D OSREL=4.1.2

and in /etc/rc3.d/S15nfs.server on the 5.2 machine I put:

        /usr/lib/nfs/automount -D OSREL=5.2 > /dev/console 2>&1

This works very nicely. Note the choice of environment variable name; I
received email from Rand S. Huntzinger <>, in
which he says:

>The issue might be what should you select as values for the environment
>variables. Since I'm running Solaris 2.3 beta, which has the new and
>improved automount (much nicer, no /tmp_mnt junk), you might want to
>use the new set of values now. These are mostly generated using the
>uname command (which exists on SunOS 4.x as well. Here is a snippet
>from the Solaris 2.3 automount manual page:


> OSREL The output of uname -r. The OS release name.
> For example "5.3"
Unfortunately, he also says:

>[...] I don't see a -D option on the new automount.

However, if the automount "environment" variable really is an
environment variable, this shouldn't cause any trouble.

Anyway, thanks to: (Rand S. Huntzinger)

Justin Mason (Iona Technologies' unix caretaker, fixer-upper and disk-filler)

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