SUMMARY: TP<->BNC Ethernet on LX

From: David Bath (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1993 - 11:39:44 CDT

Original Question:
Concerned how to hook an LX to a BNC/Coax ethernet thru the TP
(twisted pair) port.

Basic Summary:
There was another alternative pointed out to me which involved using the
Audio/AUI port and hooking in a transceiver there. Other alternatives
included buying another hub to replace the one that blew up. But yes,
there are indeed TP<->BNC transceivers, with MiLan, Allied Telesis
and Black box being mentioned. MiLan seemed to be the most popular.

Thanks to you all - got a much fuller list of alternatives than Sun
gave me - even regarding products they distribute.

Anyway - heres what Sun Australia now suggest (they have
not yet set up SunExpress here) :
        Sun Audio/AUI cable X987A A$150
        Allied Telesis transceiver A$250
We'll look further into this as well as check out the straight
transceivers from TP<->BNC from AT and MiLan.

Individual Replies:
From: (Pete Welcher)
Milan and several of the other Mini-MAU vendors have a TP to coax
box. They go from about $250-300, maybe cheaper as it looks like
price competition is starting to take place.
From: "Robert D. Worsham" <>
  Two choices (both available from Sun Express):
  1) Sun X987A AUDIO/AUI converter cable - $60
     MIL-05T MiLan 10Base-2/AUI transciever - $45
                                     total $115
  2) MIL-120A MiLan 10base-T to 10Base-2 $225
  We went with option 1 for our LX's and option 2
  for our SS1000 which doesn't have an audio port.
From: Larry Chin <>
Call Allied Telesis, I believe that they have just such an animal.
Here are a bunch of numbers, pick one, any one :-).
Singapore office: 65-2943332
Japan West: 03-5488-5581
Japan Headquarters: 03-3443-5640
United Kingdom: (+44) 235 55 3370
France: (+33) 1 69 28 16 17
Germany: (+49) 30 432 90 42
BTW, don't the LXs have an AUI port, if it does you could just put a
micro transceiver on that has the BNC type connector and you would be okay.
>From Wed Sep 1 00:16:52 1993
From: (Wojtek Sylwestrzak)

We've had more or less the same problem as stupid Sun supplies only TP
with its Classics, LXes and 10 models.
Some of the solutions we applied:
1. find a TP concentrator (the best if you have a spare port in TP concentrator
   of course}
2. buy a second sbus ethernet controller with AUI port + transceiver
   or a controller with onboard transceiver and BNC connector.
   We've gone for it because we've found excellent boards from Antares
   priced something like $700 with second SCSI-2 controller,
   fast parallel port controller (4Mb + standard centronics connector)
   ehternet AUI port) that comes with a transceiver of your choice.
   we find the excellent value.
3. buy a cable from Sun + external AUI/BNC transceiver from anybody.
   here it depends if you plan to use external speaker (then buy
   a cable called AUI/Audio) or not (then AUI only).
   These cables are inadequately expensive.
4. I think Cabletron sell something called TP/BNC media adaptor.

We used solutions 1,2 and 3 and found 2 to be the best, 3 to be the poorest
From: (Adam Shostack)
Sun sells an Audio-AUI adapter cable. You could probably hook a coax
tranciever to the net, and link an AUI cable to the transciever, and
the other end of the AUI to the audio-aui adapter. We do this for
some of our sparc 10s.
The Audio-AUI cable is
X987A Audio/AUI Adapter $75.00
From: szgyula@skysrv.Pha.Jhu.EDU (Gyula Szokoly)
  The LX has an THICK ethernet outlet, too. You should get a so called
breakout cable from Sun (the thick ethernet is in the funny audio outlet)
for about 50$ and a thick to thin transciever (about 50-100 $). I have not
played with the TP so I'm not sure if there is any jumper. I just pluged
in the breakout cable and the transc. and that's it.
>From (Jim Maple)
Sorry I don't have a definitive answer, but, this might help. I have a SS10
with a second ethernet interface from a FSBE/S SBus Card. I want to use the
second interface which only has a TP connection. I talked to Sun Express
and they told me I needed a Micro-Hub 9 Port Repeator at US$359 which has 8
TP (10BaseT) and one switch selectable to thin or thick ethernet. I haven't
bought one yet. If you find something else that's better, and/or cheaper,
I'd like to hear about it.
From: Thomas Tengdin <>
MiLan makes a line of converters from one to the other. I think the
TP to Thinnet is about $350.
A good place to buy is AnDataCo 800/334-9191
From: (Dave Cress)
Good news. You can get a Audio/AUI adapter cable for the LX which would
allow you to put a regular transceiver on the system. List price is $75 US
and part# X987A. We use Allied Telesis AT-MX10 or AT-MX10S, the S is a
slim-line model for thoses hard to reach connectors on the SPARCstation.
They are about $50 US.
From: (Chris Wong Shue)
Allied Telesis makes a couple twisted pair to BNC repeaters. Try the AT-MR112T
and the AT-MR122T. They are a little bit expensive though (in the $300 Cdn
range) and will count against your repeater count. They are more suited to
bringing a thin-net segment onto a twisted-pair network.
From: (John Benjamins)
as far as i know, what you want doesn't exist. you need to order the
AUI/Ethernet Adapter Cable (Sun p/n X987A) which is about $100 (CDN).
then you you need one of the thick to thin transceivers to plug into
the AUI cable.
>From (Brian Terry)
Black Box Catalog (412-746-5500) has a coax/TP converter, part number
HG-LE610A, that they sell for US$305. Black Box is not usually the cheapest,
but their products work. They are located in Pittsburgh, PA and their order
hours are 8-8 EST.
From: wallen@cogsci.UCSD.EDU (Mark R. Wallen)
Unfortunately, its not as simple as just changing wiring types from UTP
to BNC. You really need to have some sort of repeater. Allied Telesis sells
a Micro Repeater that should do the trick for $395 (US $) list.
Their phone number is 1-415-964-2771
From: (Mark Holm)
I had the same problem with our new Sparc Center 1000. It only has TP and
for the next 6 months, I am only BNC.
Milan makes some converters that Sun Express is reselling for them. You can
either go directly to BNC from Twisted pair (Sun Part # SUNX-MIL-120A/C3
$239.00) or you can go to a AUI port (Sun Part # SUNX-MIL-130A/C3 $195.00).
I took the more generic route since I have spare transceivers and I may
later want to adapt to Fiber.
Sun Express may be contacted at 1-800-873-7869 or find your favorite Milan
From: (Mike Halderman)
This is not what you are asking for, but we use a twisted pair hub. It has
8 10BaseT ports for your TP only machines. It can connect to your network
via TP, coax or AUI connectors (it has all three ports). The model we have
        MiLAN model MIL-4000H, 8 port 10BaseT
        (twisted pair) Ethernet hub.
It is small, about 6"x9"x1". Should be about $300 (US).
From: Barry Moyer <>
SUN Express sells an adapter cable (US$60) that allows you to get an AUI port
for the LX. You will then need to get an AUI to Thin/Thick net interface.
There are some devices that accept twisted pair and then provide a thin net
interface. Let me know if you need to know who the manufacturer is.

The board for A$760 will probably be some sort of SBUS card that would give you
a AUI port and something else (eg. SCSI port). You may want to consider buying
the board if you NEED the other interface (eg. a second SCSI bus). We have
systems that we have installed up to 4 ethernet connections.
there is a cable available from sun (maybe others) to allow you to use a
standard AUI tranceiver on your LX. it plugs into the audio/AUI port.
i don't know the part number off the top of my head but the total cost,
cable and tranceiver should be ~A$150.
From: (David Burwell)
 If I understand you correctly; you have a small segment of 10baseT
 (TP port on LX) that needs to be connected to a larger segment of ThinNet
 coax (Rest of the Network)? If that is the case, then the Milan Any-Twist
 (MIL-130a) box will help. It is a box with 3 different ethernet ports that
 transceive between all 3 ports. There is an 1-AUI, 1-10BaseT and 1-ThinNet
 Coax port. Cost about $250 US.
  MiLAN Technology
  894 Ross Dr.
  Sunnyvale, CA. 94089 USA
>From Wed Sep 1 01:23:53 1993
From: (Robert M. Kuhn)
You seem to be grossly misinformed. The Classic & LX both have a
connection on the back which, in the case of the classic, takes an
AUI adapter cable and, in the case of the LX takes a speaker/AUI
adapter. In each case you then need a standard thin wire transceiver.
Ask your Sun sales rep for the adapter cable, and get the transceiver
from your favourite source.

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