SUMMARY #2: Byte Synchronous I/O on SS2?

From: Donald McLachlan (
Date: Wed Sep 01 1993 - 10:53:29 CDT

I have received several messages which simply provided leads, and other that
look more promising. BTW, I really did mean BISYNc (well, MONOSYNC without
the CRC).

We are currently trying to modify MorningStar's PD HDLC driver mentioned in
the last message in the list below.

In order of arrival ...


> From patrick@alex.state.COM.AU Tue Aug 31 00:09:31 1993
> I never saw your original message.. I believe Sun Internet Router will
> allow you to use the serial ports synchronously.


[excerpts from exchanges with Hal Stern]
> From stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Tue Aug 31 08:27:29 1993
> if you really want to drive the on-board zs ports synchronously,
> your best bet is to buy a copy of the X.25 sunlink product,
> which includes a serial driver that turns on SDLC framing
> for the zs chips.
> you could then hack right to the HDLC layer, ignoring HDLC
> framing and sending raw sync packets out over the chip.
> i'm pretty sure you do this by creating an HDLC "socket",
> using a different address family

> From stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Tue Aug 31 09:57:12 1993
> ugh. this sounds like monosync mode with long frames.
> forget the SDLC frame level stuff. you *can* do this
> with the on-board chip, but it requires a custom
> driver and it's pretty ugly. i've done it for
> a customer before, and it required hacking a lot of
> the zss (zs sync) driver code.

> From stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM Tue Aug 31 11:39:02 1993
> the zss driver code isn't publicly available, but:
> call sun consulting and see if they can make a wrapper
> kit available for you, so you can hack on it yourself.
> they might also know of a freely available source
> for the zss module.
> 416 336 2400. [phone number for a Sun office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada]

> the other solutions involve things like HSI cards, which
> also use the SDLC drivers.....


> From Tue Aug 31 11:45:28 1993
> I had to deal with an IBM gateway once and found a company named
> Mitek that had some synchronous I/O solutions dealing with
> attaching to a HDLC or SDLC. Found them in the Catalyst. Mike
> Darrish was the sales Rep. This lead is 2 years old.


> From Tue Aug 31 13:28:21 1993
> From Tue Aug 31 19:07:54 1993
> More votes for the HSI/S Interface card (SBus) from SunExpress.


> From Tue Aug 31 20:29:16 1993
> A rather sweeping statement. The serial ports on a Sparcstation, or
> on most Sun boxes use the Zilog 85C30 SCC, which will do Asynch,
> byte synch and bit synch protocols. [ edited sunlink description ]
> On the public domain or freely available front, I obtained a
> HDLC driver from the public FTP area of for Sun
> workstations. Whilst it is commented that it used to work with
> SunOS 4.0.3, it has some problems with 4.1.x. But you could
> use this as a base, and recode it to use the byte synch mode
> of the SCC. There are plenty of data books around about the SCC,
> and application notes that tell you how to use byte sync mode.
> Anyway, there is a little more around than your single
> responder seems to imply.

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