SUMMARY: crash doing local level 0 dump?

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1993 - 18:30:40 CDT

I wrote:

>We do a level 0 dump of our entire network each week. This normally
>completes without problems, but on 2 occasions in the last 3 months,
>the tape drive host machine has crashed while dumping a local file system.
>It crashed consistently the previous time, at the same point in the dump,
> with "panic: reading hwmap - invalid pte" or words to that effect.

The majority of respondents suggested:

> You probably need the "st jumbo patch for 4.1.1", # 100280-02 - at least
> that fixed our tapehost crashing when we were still running 4.1.1 - or
> upgrade (e.g. to 4.1.3).

One respondent (Mark) supplied the problem report from his sunsolve CD:
SRDB ID : 4840
SYNOPSIS : dump fails with panic: read_hwmap, invalid pte
DETAIL DESCRIPTION : When dumping a filesystem to tape with the dump command,
                     the system panics:

                         panic: read_hwmap invalid pte

SOLUTION SUMMARY : This can occur when the dump is being run in multi-user
                     mode or on a mounted, active filesystem.
                     The system should be brought down to single-user mode
                     and all filesystems except / and /usr should be
                     unmounted. Then perform the dump.

I'd rather not mess around with single-user mode, if I can get reliable dumps
in multi-user mode.


I tried applying patch 100280-02 to my 4.1.1 system, but it wouldn't build
a new kernel, the link failed with "unresolved symbols", so I must be missing
some object file. I gave up on 4.1.1 and went ahead with the upgrade to 4.1.3
ahead of schedule. The dump worked last night. What I don't understand is why
I have been able to do multi-user dumps for two years or more without problems,
and suddenly repeatedly fails. Lately, a user in Holland has been ftp'ing data
in the wee hours of the morning, when dump is normally the only
major process running.

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