SUMMARY: UUCP dialin into Xenix or Sys V from Sun

From: Vikas Aggarwal (
Date: Sat Aug 21 1993 - 01:43:47 CDT

I had asked:

>I am trying to setup a UUCP connection where my Sun Sparc running
>4.1.1 dials into a PC running Xenix system V.
>The problem is that if I just have the username and the password
>in the Systems file, then the Xenix system waits forever even
>after I have sent the username followed by a ^M (control-M) which
>is the '\r' character sent by the Sun after every string.
>What is wierd is that I can do a 'tip' and log into the remote
>system manually (I have no idea how that system handles my keystrokes

The answer is:

Turn off parity on the Sun dialing out by putting 'P_ZERO' in the chat
script for the remote Xenix or System V machine.

abcdef Any telebit32 38400 999-8181 "" P_ZERO "" \r\r ogin: etc.

Thanks to all who responded:

 -vikas (609) 897-7307 ...rutgers!jvncnet!vikas

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