SUMMARY: autoinstall prompts for correct time

From: Jerry Larivee (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1993 - 21:50:59 CDT

Thanks to all that replied. My original question was how to get the
Solaris 2.1 (same for 2.2) autoinstall to NOT prompt at the console of
the machine being installed for the correct time.

The missing piece was the entry for a "timehost" in the hosts NIS map
(and since DNS isn't running yet at this point the alias must be in
the NIS map even if it's in DNS). The machine machine listed as
"timehost" needs to respond to a standard time request on telnet port
37, which just about any machine running inetd will.

In addition to the correct time the autoinstall process also looks up
the correct timezone information in the "timezone" NIS map. There
should be an entry in /etc/timezone of the form:

<country>/<timezone> <domain_name>

for example:

US/Eastern watson

See the timezone(4) man page for info on what to specify for your

And yes this timehost/timezone stuff is documented on pp.52-54 of the
Solaris 2.2 "System Configuration and Installation Guide". Although
the fact that it gets the time by making the telnet request to port 37
I had to figure out myself (just out of curiosity).

--Jerry Larivee

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