SUMMARY: Network Interface Identification

From: Michael R. Zika (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1993 - 19:00:51 CDT

  Well, it was an easy one. The Sparc-10 automatically senses for
the "active" ethernet port upon reboot. The only difference in the
boot-up should be "le0: Twisted Pair Ethernet" instead of "le0: AUI

  The "network interface" stays the same: le0. The board is wired:

CPU--->le0 802.3 AUI chip:----To connector ---: external thinwire---|
                         | at the back transceiver
                         +----internal 802.3 to Twisted: ------ TP
                                  pair transceiver

(diagram compliments of Marcel Bernards). For obvious reasons, double
line interfacing is not permitted...

Thanx to: (Brett Lymn) (Mark Holm)
   Ilkka Virtanen <>
   bernards@ECN.NL (Marcel Bernards) (Karl-Jose Filler) (Mark G. Owens) (Tommy Reingold) (Patrick Pawlak) (Jerry Springer) (Brian Farrell)

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> Alright, here's an easy one that I can't seem to resolve with the
> AnswerBook...
> System: Sparc-10, Model 30
> SunOS 4.1.3
> We're using the Audio Cable/AUI ethernet box with a transceiver
> adapter to connect to the local thinnet loop. This loop is
> mega-flakey, so we have managed to get the local networking gurus
> to drop a twisted pair connection for us.
> What's involved in changing from using the AUI ethernet port to
> using the 10BaseT ethernet port? The only thing I could find is
> the ifconfig command in the rc.local file:
> ifconfig le0 ....
> the man page calls le0 the "network interface". I couldn't find
> if le0 is the AUI port and a different "network interface" is needed
> to use the 10BaseT port...
> Many thanx in advance for the answers...
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--Michael Zika

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