SUMMARY: SunPC 3.1 and SS10

From: Jeff Tate (odinba!odin!jeff@uunet.UU.NET)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1993 - 16:33:11 CDT

Heres the scoop. Thanx Yves.


To use SunPc 3.1 with a SS10, you need a patch to use the accelerator
card on your SS10. Per default, the accelerator card of SunPc 3.1 is not
supported on the SS10, because SS10 uses the sun4m architecture (instead of
sun4c for the others machines).

        To see the accelerator card, install first the patch


SunPC 3.1 Accelerator with SPARCstation10 Update--Available MID-JUNE:
  * SunPC 3.1 software only (no Accelerator) runs on the SS10 today
  * A "patch" is required to run SunPC 3.1 with the Accelerator on SS10s
  * A beta "patch" will be available in mid-June providing the following:
      # Support for both the SX and DX Accelerators on the SS10
      # Novell performance enhancements (described in next section)
      # Important bug fixes including the "disappearing cursor"
  * This patch will include a kernel modification to SunOS 4.1.3 for
    SS10/Accelerator compatibility
  * The patch will be available at no charge to all SunPC 3.1 licensees
  * The "backplate" on the SBus Accelerators (like all SBus cards) must
    be removed for insertion in the SS10. Early reports are that this
    can be a difficult procedure on the Accelerators.

Best Regards,

Yves Hardy.
uunet!!yves (Yves Hardy)

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