SUMMARY: (Auto)mounting HP filesystems

From: Marcel Bernards (bernards@ECN.NL)
Date: Thu Aug 19 1993 - 14:19:25 CDT

One problem solved. The Sun part.

>From Ken Dawson:
        We experienced a similar problem recently; it turned out that
it was due to being a member of too many groups. Try removing yourself
from groups until you are a member of (I think) seven or less groups and
see whether you still get the authentication error.

This was indeed the case for the Sun part. ( I was in 9 groups )

On the DECstation, this was NOT the case.
Automount seems not to recognize the /home/hp003/user entry
If I try to mount the HP by hand I get this:

# mount hp003:/mnt/fs_home/local /mnt
nfs_mount: hp003:/mnt/fs_home/local server not responding: RPC: Authentication error; why = Invalid client credential
nfs_mount: access denied for hp003:/mnt/fs_home/local
Kambiz Aghaiepour suggested that I should use the secure option in mount because the HP
is exporting secure. HPUX 7.0 however does not have any secure NFS, nor has ultrix
an secure mount option.
Upgrading to a newer HPUX level is impossible in this case (SW).

I'll probably mail this to the decstation managers list if I cannot solve this.

Thanx all who replied till now:

 Kambiz Aghaiepour <kxaghai@srv.PacBell.COM>
 Steinar Haug <>
 Ken Dawson <ktd@aifh.edinburgh.AC.UK>
 Alan Byrne <>

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