SUMMARY: NIS+ automount map

From: Thorel Jean-Francois (thorel@Clamart.EST.SLB.COM)
Date: Wed Aug 18 1993 - 16:50:42 CDT

My original posting:

> Does anyone know a way to load auto_home NIS+ map from a NIS map or ascii file?
> The 'nisaddent' utility allows only for aliases, bootparams, ethers,
> group, hosts, netid, netmasks, networks, passwd, protocols, publickey,
> rpc, services, shadow, or timezone but not for auto_home.

You need to use a slightly different syntax to populate an automount
map. It's in TFM, but not very clearly.

Use this:
nisaddent -t auto_home.org_dir key-value
I usually use:
echo "$entry" | /usr/lib/nis/nisaddent -t auto_home.org_dir key-value
cat auto_home_file | /usr/lib/nis/nisaddent -t auto_home.org_dir key-value

I sued awk with nistbladm and Answerbook!! ;-)
nisaddent is just a hacky way of using nistbladm anyway! You CAN add mount
options for auto_home and auto_master NIS+ maps. You just add them to the
"value" field. There is no "generic" support for automount maps via the
nisaddent command, I don't know why! It's just the old key/value pair known
and loved by NISers all over the globe.

Thanks to all who responded:
Leslie Dreyer Kalra
Robert P K Lyle

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