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Date: Wed Aug 18 1993 - 12:33:39 CDT

Many thanks to those who replied. For those of you who requested additional
information, I will provide the Contacts and pricing at the end of this

My original request was:

> We have purchased a copy of CONSULT-IGATEWAY which is wonderful. It
> allows users to telnet and ftp to the Internet from behind the firewall/
> gateway.The only problem is our network is comprised on numerous types of
> UNIX workstaions and servers (Sun, HP, PC's,...). If anyone knows where I can
> retrieve the sources (Specifically for the HP would be even better), I would
> be grateful.

It appears as though many of you have run into the same problem. I have contacted
Sun and request additional information on the locations of the distrubution.

As far as a resolution to our problem of using telnet and ftp from non Sun
workstations. We used the workaround recommended by Wilhelm Methfessel,
and Heinz Naef.
You may try these scripts as 'itelnet' and 'iftp':

telnet internet-gateway 3514

ftp internet-gateway 4514


As long as you run the proxy servers (in.telnet-gw, in.ftp-gw) on a Sun, you
don't need source to use Igateway from client systems other than Sun. Even on
a Sun client, you don't need to use the itelnet and iftp programs to talk to
the Igateway proxy servers; you can use standard telnet and ftp (_ marks user

        _telnet internet-gateway telnet-passthru
        Trying ...
        Connected to internet-gateway.
        Escape character is '^]'.

        _ftp internet-gateway ftp-passthru
        Name (internet-gateway:barfoo):
        331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.

        (you can hardly use the .netrc file here ;-( )

Other recommendations were:

Look at 'tcpr' which is written in perl --->

# File: README
# Author: G. Paul Ziemba <>
# SCCS: @(#)README 1.6 3/2/93
# Purpose: Describe the tcpr package
# Legal: You may copy, modify, and distribute this software
# (the tcpr package) freely as long as this file
# is included in its entirety.
# This software is provided free of charge, with no
# warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied
# connection, so
everything works properly.

   Tcpr is a set of perl scripts that enable you to run ftp and telnet
commands across a firewall. Forwarding takes place at the application
level, so it's easy to control.

    Tcpr consists of an inetd-type server that interprets commands,
a relay program, and a client that talks to the server.

    The client asks the server for a relay connection to some specified
remote host at a specified TCP port number; the server invokes the relay
program and returns a proxy port number to the client. The client then
invokes telnet or ftp, telling them to connect to the relay host at the
proxy port number. The relay program then transfers data between the
client host and the remote host.

    Special handling is implemented for the FTP data connection, so
everything works properly.

Where to get it

    Tcpr is available from the following servers via anonymous ftp: pub/tcpr pub/security pub/unix/netware pub/unix/network/tcpip/security pub/misc/tcpr


    Tcpr is known to work on SunOS 4.1. I haven't tested it on other
platforms, so I can't say if it'll work right out of the box for them.
It's all perl, but the output format of the netstat and ifconfig commands
might vary, and there isn't much flexibility in the parser for that yet.


    The tcpr package is based on a relay program written by
Kazumasa Utashiro, <>. The relay program originally
was to be invoked manually on the relay host, giving a port number which
the user then used as an argument to the ftp or telnet program.

    I modified the relay program to select an outgoing interface
based on some simple routing computations, and wrote a client and server
to automate the process.

    Many thanks to the maintainers of the ftp sites mentioned above,
listed in reverse alphabetical order (-:

        John P. Rouillard
        Kim H|glund
        Randy Bush


A better package is call socks. It has the gopher and
mosaic clients as well. It gives you the code
to convert any tcp/udp application you want.

I know the proper site is ??? I do not know
the exact machine name.


Once again, thank you for all the input.

Special Thanks To; (Michael Pechner)
Wilhelm Methfessel
 Jerry Carlin
Heinz Naef


For those of you who requested additional information.

CONSULT-IGATEWAY allows a network which utilizes a relay host (firewall) that
isolates the internal network from the outside world to have ftp and telnet
capabilities originating from the local workstation.

The US pricing is $1800.00 for a site license and $450.00 for an upgrade (I'm
not quite sure what the upgrade is all about).

Our sales contact is Bonnie B Wong, (415) 336-2992 or (800) 225-4449
The fax number is (415) 336-1965.

A personal comment, this is a great utility for those of you who wish to keep
the number of accounts on your gateway to a minimum. It will also make your
users happy campers (for at least and hour or two!!).

Feel free to give me a yell if you desire additional information.

Craig Kruck
(415) 244-7260

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