SUMMARY: Communication-package for SUN?

From: Stefan Frick (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1993 - 07:15:57 CDT

Wow! Talk about response..... I'm overwhelmed!

Original question:

Does anyone know about any comm.-package for Sun like Telix, Procomm etc. for
the PC-world?


Yes, there are a few.

Most people seemed to recommend 'pcomm', which is a PD-clone of ProComm. The most
current release seems to be 2.0.2

In second place: xc-4.1 (No, it's not an X-windows program...) I've picked it up,
but have not looked at yet. (It was posted to comp.sources.unix quite recently, and
it's archived in volume 26)

A few voted for 'seyon' which seems to be a member of the Linux-family, at least
from what a breif search with archie revealed.

There're also som commercial alternatives, MLINK from Corporate Microsystems in/near Boston, MA. SoftComm 1.12/2.0, available from MicroLink Technologies Inc.
1260 Lake Blvd., #280 Davis, CA 95616.

I also got some suggestions to use 'tip','cu' or 'kermit', but that was not exactly
what I was looking for.

Thanks for all replies, some people where kind enough to send me 'pcomm' both as an
attached tar-file and as several uuencoded mails.

Thanks to:

Maurizio Codogno <mau@beatles.CSELT.STET.IT> (Tim ?) (Todd Pfaff)
Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <> (Joel Shandelman) (Mark C. Henderson)
Peter Shipley <shipley@tfs.COM>
David Fetrow <>
Pauline van Winsen <>
Craig Bevins <> (David Bath) (DAVID CURADO) (Kevin Sheehan) (Jan-Olav Eide)
John A. Murphy <jam@philabs.Philips.Com>
David Sansom <> (Ted Whitely) (Brad Colbert) (Guy Boudreault)
hawk! (Carl Gabrielson ) (Glenn Satchell)
etnibsd!vsh@uunet.UU.NET (?) (J. Philip Miller) (Carl Brewer)
100016.2320@CompuServe.COM (Bill D)


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