SUMMARY: Looking for a remote debugger

From: Roland Borde (
Date: Fri Aug 13 1993 - 20:12:36 CDT

On my request for a Remote-Debugger running on LX under SOLARIS2.x I received the following messages:

From: fdr@rita.Solbourne.COM (Russ Fellows)

One of the best debuggers around is "pdb" from ParcPlace. This is a tool
which is designed to be run remotely (or locally) and supports C, C++, and

It is based on ParcPlace's OI toolkit which allows it to run either in
MOTIF or OpenLook interface models.

I have used it for several years and have yet to find one that I like as

As for contacting ParcPlace, I am not certain, however, a call to
area code (303) and ask for ParcPlace Boulder in Boulder Colorado...

From: Mike Raffety <>

Sun has a thread-aware debugger in beta now; seems to work OK. It'll
be in the next SPARCcompilers release, with Solaris 2.3 this fall.

The first item is rather unclear as to what you want to do. Would
simply running dbxtool remotely via X-windows do what you want?
(Comment from the requester: No. My intention was to run a debugger remotely via, for instance, TCP/IP or via RS232, not X-WINDOWS. That means, that the main part of the debugger's program code as well as the sources of the program to debug are located on the host workstation. On the target workstation runs a small breakpoint monitor only, that communicates with the debugger's main program on the host.)

Thank you, Russ and Mike, for the given information.

By the way - does anybody know exactly how to contact ParkPlace in Boulder Colorado (E-Mail-Adress or Phone-Number)?

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