SUMMARY: Public Domain speech recognition packages?

From: Peter J. Scott (pjs@euclid.Jpl.Nasa.Gov)
Date: Wed Aug 11 1993 - 17:52:01 CDT

I received no information about any PD speech recognition packages for
any machines. I received information about one commercial package:

Tom Conroy <trc@NSD.3Com.COM> wrote:

> Qualix software has a package called 'SayIt' for sale. They also offer
> a free demo as an intro to their services. Not public domain, not real
> sophisticated, kinda amusing.
> Send an e-mail to for more info.

and (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) added:

> Dunno any PD ones, but I think SayIt is only $295 or some such.

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