SUMMARY: Mailtool .record equiv

From: Thomas Walter (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1993 - 15:28:03 CDT


Thanks for the responses. I was looking for a mail message in
.record and couldn't find it. I assumed that mailtool was not
saving outgoing mail as BSD mail does. Turned out the message
was there, I was grepping for words not in the message. Oh well!

I received some interesting responses though, answered some
questions about mailtool I hadn't ad time to look up.

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Mailtool will read setups from the ~/.mailrc file.

So, just add the line

        set record=/path/path/file

and all outgoing mail will get appended to the file.


Simply go into Edit preferences in Mailtool and choose compose
options. Here you can check the Log All Messages option and give
a suitable file name for the logged messages file ($HOME/Mail/Mail-Out)


check the mailtool properties.

Under [compose window] there is a line for "Logged Messages
File". I entered "maillog" and checked off "Log all messages".

This is under Solaris 2.2. Also there is a "Log" checkbox
in the compose window when this option is enabled.


I assume that you are using OpenWindows mailtool, in which case "yes"

Enter the Edit/Properties function and bring up the "Compose Window" form.
The second field allows you to specify the out going logged messages filename,
but the third field also has to be "ticked". Messages will then go into the file
when ever you send mail.


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