SUMMARY: What is "Sun-4m Supplement" disc?

From: Kris A. Schneider (
Date: Tue Aug 10 1993 - 09:28:03 CDT

: Hi all,

: I don't have TFM to R so...what's on the CD titled "Sun-4m Supplement (for
: Solaris1.1 SMCC Version A)"? It can't be booted or mounted or tar-ed or
: cpio-ed...Installation with just the CD "Solaris1.1" seems to have worked
: fine, but I'm more curious than anything about what's on this other disc.
: Thanks for any info!

Okay, this is a patch disc. The mount command that works is:
# mount -rt hsfs /dev/sr0 /cdrom

Here's some info from the README:
Install Instructions:

(1) Make sure you have Solaris 1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3) installed, including the
    optional "sys" software category.

(2) Make sure you are running on a quiescent system as root (superuser).
    If the system is a server, any Sun-4m clients must also be quiescent.
    Finally, the system you install on must be running a kernel with the
    "hsfs" filesytem configured into it (all GENERIC kernels have it).

(3) Insert this "Sun-4m Supplemental CDROM" into the CD drive.

(4) If the CDROM is mounted, unmount it:

         # cd /
         # umount /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1

(5) Run the extract_patch script to invoke the install script on this
    CDROM (install_sup). This install script will correctly install the
    appropriate patch for your system configuration (whether standalone
    or server/client), and rebuild all affected Sun-4m kernels:

         # /usr/etc/extract_patch

    Follow the instructions as you are prompted. When asked for patch name,
    enter "sup".

However, you only get the README after extracting it from the tar file

Also from the README, here are the patches on the disc:
"This CDROM contains two patches, one for SuperSPARC systems (100743-02),
and one for SuperSPARC/SuperCache systems (100744-02) running Solaris 1.1
(SunOS 4.1.3)." However, some people noted that a newer patch, 100726-10
seems to be the latest, obsoletes the patches on the disc. Oh well, at
least I know now. Thanks to all who responded!

Kris A. Schneider
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