From: Everett Schell (
Date: Sat Aug 07 1993 - 02:42:18 CDT

| About two weeks ago our main server developed network/interface problems:
| Tape Dumps from other machines started taking about 3 times as long. File
| transfers from other machines into this server slowed down to minutes instead
| of the former few seconds per transfer. Plus the files now end up with
| unannounced corruptions. These problems only occur on INCOMING data.
| Ftp or rcp outgoing from the server to other Suns go quickly as normal.
| Perfmeter windows mounted from the server on a SS2 tend to die several
| times a day.
| Possibility: The bootpd software was installed about that time in connection
| with a new network printer. We tried commenting out the bootpd stuff in
| /etc/bootptab, services, and inetd.conf.
| System: 4-processor 630MP(upgraded from a 4/330)
| 64Megs SunOs 4.1.2
| ALM-2 in the extra slot.
  The problem was solved with a new motherboard on the Sun.
  We assume the incoming circuitry was partially damaged, but the old
  motherboard is still at the shop.

   Thanks for the suggestions.
    Jeff Kays

   Everett Schell,
   SysAdm+, MBCC, Bio Sciences -- U of Minnesota

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