SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.3 in.rwhod reports preposterous load averages

From: Gilbert E. Detillieux (gedetil@silver.cs.UManitoba.CA)
Date: Fri Aug 06 1993 - 22:17:16 CDT

Yesterday, I posted this to sun-managers:
> I'm upgrading (finally) from 4.1.1 to 4.1.3 on our network of SPARCstations,
> and I've come across a small but annoying problem. Despite the warnings in
> /etc/rc that in.rwhod is a performance pig, we find it very useful, since we
> run a mixed workstation environment, and not all our systems support Sun's
> rup & rusers commands (e.g. our Ultrix systems).
> Despite the fact that "w" (and uptime), as well as rup, seem to give the
> correct load averages under 4.1.3, in.rwhod broadcasts preposterous values:
> nickel up 23:05, 0 users, load -717143.68, -6.37, 30.85
> This was not the case with any of the previous versions of SunOS I used.
> I'm running the FCS in.rwhod from 4.1.3, and a 4.1.3 kernel with lots of
> patches:
[patch list deleted]
> I doubt the patches are to blame. I also doubt Sun would have a patch for
> in.rwhod, but does anyone know of a patch and or workaround? I'd be very
> grateful if anyone has a solution to this.
> (Or am I the only Sun user who finds in.rwhod useful? :-)
> P.S. I also tried running the in.rwhod from 4.1.1 under a 4.1.3 kernel, and
> got similar results. I suspect Sun just hasn't bothered to update in.rwhod
> to "know" about the 4.1.3 kernel.

I'm surprized. Normally I get a flood of responses to sun-managers queries,
but this time, the response was underwhelming! :-) Maybe I am the only Sun
user (or at least manager) who finds rwhod useful...

Since my last message, I found a workaround on my own. Suspecting that Sun
just hadn't bothered to recompile in.rwhod for the new release, I hunted
down a copy of the BSD rwhod source (it can be found on,
and zillions of other sites too). It compiled without any problems, and
when I installed and ran it, I found it worked just fine.

Anyway, thanks to David Comay <dsc@seismo.CSS.GOV>, who was the only one to
respond to my query.

And a big fat raspberry to Sun for being sloppy on this one! ;-)

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