Summary: SPARCworks not displaying tool icons.

From: Ernie Cisneros (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1993 - 17:19:49 CDT

Well, don't I feel stupid.

Guess I was working too hard at the problem, because I overlooked a couple
of directories with the wrong permissions. My original problem was
SPARCworks 2.01 would start up, but not display any of the tool icons. This
happened when any normal user invoked SPPARCworks, but everything worked OK
for root. Turns out that the directories /usr/lang/lib/sunpro_defaults and
/usr/lang/lib/icons were set to 711, not 755. Changed permissions and now
everyone is happy.

The problem originally stem from the fact that the root .cshrc file did not
set umask to 022, so that during the software installation, files and
directories were set improperly. I learned my lessson on that one. Haven't
gotten any responses yet, but thanks to any who do send one.

                                Ernest Cisneros
                                US Geological Survey
                                2255 N Gemini Drive
                                Flagstaff, AZ 86001
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