SUMMARY: PROM password on SS10

From: Dave Haywood (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1993 - 12:32:41 CDT


  I asked:

> How do I set the PROM password on a Sparc 10? The ROM rev is 2.9.
> I have tried setenv security-password but cannot get it to work. Do I also
>need to use setenv security-mode? What is the correct format of these

  The answer is document in the eeprom(8S) man page.

  To setup the PROM so that the only commands available at the monitor prompt
are BOOT and CONTINUE, use:

    eeprom security-mode=command

  You are prompted for a password which is then used to control access to
other EEPROM commands.

  Thanks to: (It's easy to RTFM when you know the command you're
                        looking for! ;-)

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