SUMMARY: can I print LaTeX source somehow with NeWSprint 2.0

From: Dave Doherty (
Date: Thu Aug 05 1993 - 01:59:44 CDT

My question:
I just got some documentation off the net, and it's in "LaTeX source".
I have NeWSprint 2.0 and a postscript printer -- how can I print this
file? I don't see anything in the NeWSprint manuals or man pages (or
the FAQ's) about LaTeX.

The answers were all the same basically, here is one that I think covers everything.

 You need LaTeX, which is a macro set for TeX, which is the software
Donald Knuth (yes, THAT Knuth) developed for formatting his books. It's
all available for free or commercially but, like X11, isn't quite nontrivial
to build (although it's nowhere near as big to build).

 LaTeX/TeX produce "DVI" files that have to be translated into PostScript
to print. I'd suggest dvips from for that part.

 TeX is used rather a lot and is how the GNU software is documented (well,
pretty much).

 It's quite a bit more pleasant to use the "*roff" stuff.


Thanks to:
From: (Brett Lymn)
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From: David Fetrow <>
From: (Rob Lyle Wizard of Ozje)
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Special thanks to Robert M. Kuhn for quick (one time) translation of my
LaTeX file. And thanks to eveyone else that made the same offer!


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