SUMMARY: 690 Hangs requires power cycle to clear

From: Bill Rea (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1993 - 07:03:38 CDT

The problem was a 690/120 which was hanging adn requiring a power cycle to
clear the hang. I had five replies from :-"


There are two patches suggested. The streams jumbo patch 100359-06. This
isn't supposed to cure the underlying problem, but should enable the system
to be halted from the console allowing a crash dump to be obtained, hence
the real problem can be address by looking at the dump.

The other patch in the memory patch 100726, indications are this is up to
version -09, I put on version -06. This has helped other sites, but didn't
make any noticeable difference to us.

It was also suggested that adding further RAM to the system would help.
Currently this is not an option open to me as this system is supposed to
be traded in on an SS2000 in January so they don't want to spend any more
money on it.


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