Summary: Dump problems with Backup Copilot

From: Shumon Huque (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1993 - 09:02:35 CDT

I had stated earlier that I had a problem with locked filesystems arising
from failed backups using the backup-copilot version of 'dump'. Turns out,
there is a program: /usr/etc/lockfs which can be used to manually lock
and unlock filesystems. Lacking a manual for backup copilot, i was unaware
of the existence of this program.

thanks to all those who responded:

HEIN JR R C <> (Hugh Fader)
Steve.Senator@Central.Sun.COM (Steve Senator)
Ian.Herd@UK.Sun.COM (Ian Herd - Sun UK - Answer Centre) (Gary R. Gregg)

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