Re: Summary of audio CDs on Solaris 2.2

From: Malte Uhl (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1993 - 02:47:39 CDT

Alexander P. Zijdenbos ( wrote:

: I have been running WorkMan under Solaris 2.2 on a SPARC LX, and it's
: a nifty tool. However, it hangs up more or less frequently, always
: leaving an `unkillable' process behind that bogs the machine down to
: the point it really has to be rebooted.

: Does anybody have the same experience, and hopefully a solution?

: Thanks,

I know this will not help you, but I've been running Workman since the days
of Solaris 2.0 with only two problems:

        Solaris 2.0 crashed when the CD was removed ( not Workmans fault )
        Solaris 2.2 vold gets in the way. I just killed it since I don't use it

The only change I made was make '-b' option the default, 'cause I don't
run an Xview window manager.

I suggest you recheck your machines setup (vold, ..).


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