SUMMARY: Getting Xsun to work with two xgsix frame buffers

From: Myung Cho (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1993 - 01:50:44 CDT

> My original question:
> Dear Managers,
> I have two monitors, one 15ich and one 19inch sun monitors connected to sparc 10.
> The 19inch monitor is connected to gx+ videocard and 19inch is connected to gx
> card. The two cards are mapped to cgsix0 and cgsix1.
> I have this setup working with Sun's Xnews and olvwm. I am trying to get this
> setup working with the X11R4 version of Xsun with olvwm and have had little success.>
> Will appreciate any advice. Thanks...


The MIT distribution of X11R4 can't handle two framebuffers of the same type.
For example, two cgsix's or two cgthree's will not work. The second frame buffer
will not be recognized.


In my case, I made a hard link from cgsix1 to cgthree0 so that the server thinks
I have cgsix0 and cgthree0.( suggestion by Knut Soemme ) This worked perfectly.

Other suggestions were:

Get the Xsun.multi-screen patch from
Rename the second cgsix device (cgsix1) to be cgthree0.

Thanks to ..
Chip Christian <>
Matt Goheen <>
David Comay <dsc@seismo.CSS.GOV> (Knut Somme )

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