Re: Summary of audio CDs on Solaris 2.2

From: David Bilsby (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1993 - 05:55:51 CDT

In article <>, (James Bonfield) writes:
|> Hello,
|> Thanks to all the people who replied about audio CDs on solaris 2.2.
|> The problem, as I already knew, what the vold. But I was really looking for a
|> method of leaving this alone, AND listening to cds. The answer is to use
|> WorkMan-1.0.2 which has support for solaris 2.2. It's now working fine. Many
|> thanks for Steve McKinty for this information and, of course, to Steven Grimm
|> for the program.
|> Most peoples solutions consisted of disabling vold in some way or another.
|> Judging by the bugginess of it perhaps this is still a good solution (for
|> other reasons).
|> James

        Where is WorkMan-1.0.2 ????


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