SUMMARY: dump and raw partitions

From: Charles Butcher (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 08:53:38 CDT

Here is what I asked:

> Any ideas if dump (either the normal one or the Backup Copilot version)
> will properly dump a raw partition that doesn't contain a filesystem?
> The particular situation I have in mind is where the raw partition
> contains oracle database data.
> If the answer is no, what suggestions/experience have you had with
> backing up large (>10Gb) databases in one go, overnight?

Here is what The People said:

1) dump expects and will only work on unix filesystem partitions.
2) Legato networker may have a raw partition backup option.
3) why don't you use dd?
4) how about oracle's own backup utilities?

Answer 3 was my fault... I assumed this was too obvious to mention.
Right now it seems to be the only option but the question I posed was
intended to find a more flashy solution that would integrate easily
with this fancy Sun Backup Copilot software... (boy is this dude naive
or what?) Maybe legato is worth another look, but I had already shied
away from it for other reasons.

Answer 4 (if any of you are interested) according to the oracle-heads
here is a case of the database being able to let you take a tablespace
off-line to back up while the database is running, but how you do that
is your problem.

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