SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 Openwindows

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Date: Sat Jul 24 1993 - 02:40:01 CDT

Thanks for the responses. Basically everyone said "It works for me!"

What I found out was that in Sol 2.2 (OpenWin 3.2), Sun made some syntactical
changes in the OLWMMENU file.

Specifically what was killing us was the option to use a file containing
other sub-menus was changed from MENU to INCLUDE.

Speaking with the Sun Hotline yielded other info that seems not to be pertinent.
(Well at least I haven't seen it yet) - They mention that Sol 2.2 has a
bug that says you can have no more than 24 entries in a rootmenu. I have
about 40 - 50 now and have managed to get it working under Sol 2.2 so I don't
know when this bug applies. They mentioned that it is fixed for Sol 2.3, but
there is no patch available for 2.2.

BTW - none of this is documented. I had to find out the old-fashioned way.
If you check your man pages for OLWM - you will find them out-of-date.

Original posting:

> Greetings - O Wise Ones -
> How does one get the new Openwindows 3.2 to recognize the environment
> variable, OLWMMENU. I can't find anything in the man pages other than
> the standard (out-of-date) reference in "olwm".
> I need this fast. I really don't want to change the system default in
> /usr/openwin/lib (a quick'n'dirty I admit) - but I would like the 'right'
> answer...

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