SUMMARY: SLIP vs PPP, Slip install

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Date: Sat Jul 24 1993 - 02:39:46 CDT

Hey All:

I'm posting this summary quite late; my apologies. I got a lot of enlightening
responses, which answered my questions. I feel kind of stupid after researching
what I was asking... Oh well, here goes;
BTW: A couple of people flamed me because this was an inappropriate subject for
this group. I've been reading posts for quite awhile now, and I'm not sure I
agree with that. At any rate, I received a lot of "me too's" so I've opted to
write a summay despite what they say!

Original problem:

* Sorry if this is in a FAQ, but does anybody know where I can download
* PPP? Is that the PD form of slip (the only one?)?

In short; (Amir J. Katz) wrote;

>PPP and SLIP are two different protocols. They're both for running
>ethernet on a serial line, though. There's also dp (dial-up ppp).
>Try archie with 'ppp.tar', 'ppp-sunos' and 'dp-2.2'. I'm saving mail
>bandwidth, but I can send you archie's replies (about 2 months old)
>for those.

Or another good one; wrote;

>first, slip ( Serial Line IP ) is not PPP ( Point-to-Point ). they do
>serve a similar purpose in reguards to getting IP over a serial line but
>this is where the similarity ends. if at all possible, PPP should
>provide you with a much more robust link. armed with that information,
>you'll have to check the anon ftp archives, my firewall system is down
>at the moment, try or (Ian Couroulis) gave me a FAQ on PPP. Its just too
large (don't what to be flamed!), but email me if you'd like a copy of it. (Jim Hendrickson) gave me a previous summary
on also on PPP (for PC's). Email me directly if you'd like a copy of that too.

Now, I automatically opted for slip, because that's what my specs called for.

Many people gave ftp sites, the primarily; ( (received and installed slip-4.1.1 /networking/ip/
telnet /pub/msdos/network.setups

Not public domain, from (Jimmy Y. Cheng);

>Not a PD version, but you can order it from MorningStar via
>Mr Bob Sutterfield at 800/588-7823. Cost is about $700.
>but their support is great. Tell him I sent you.

Many Thanks to; (Amir J. Katz)
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helios!! (Steve Brown)
Aydin Edguer <> (Jimmy Y. Cheng) (Ian Couroulis) (Barnes William)


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