SUMMARY: NFS (UDP) Loading of MP690

From: Stephen Miller (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1993 - 17:55:52 CDT

Hey All:

I'm posting this summary quite late; my apologies. I got a lot of enlightening
responses, which cured the problem. It was actually quite trivial, with the
propper tools.

Original problem:

* HELP! My main server, a MP690/140, has developed a serious problem over the *
last couple of days. I've just rebooted the machine and, as I'm here late * at
night, the network is stable, with little activity. Yet, the machine has *
about a 20% load. I think I recall this should be around 2%. * *During the day,
with the network lightly loaded, I get the following amd *errors, repeated many
times; and from all the various workstations. *As the machine hosts NIS and AMD,
this problem is rendering my *network unusable! * *NFS server amd:141 not
responding still trying *NFS server amd:141 ok *

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