SUMMARY "NeWSprint 2.5 "Printing Problems"

From: Karen Murphy - Denver Colorado 23-Jul-1993 0933 (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1993 - 10:32:22 CDT

SUMMARY: NeWSprint 2.5 "Printing Problems"

Thanks for the responses concerning the NeWSprint 2.5 Printing Problems
I have been having. I received a response from Dave Miner stating that
I should probably go back to Solaris 2.2 and then add patches:
101016-01 and 101025-02. Which is exactly what I did. Since going
back and adding in the patches NeWSrint has been running great...


Original Problem Report:

From: CUJO::MURPHY "Karen Murphy - Denver Colorado 01-Jul-1993 1524" 1-JUL-1993 15:36:17.70
To: DECWRL::""
Subj: NeWSprint 2.5 "Printing Problems"

We recently installed NeWSprint 2.5 for 3 SPARCprinters on a network of Suns
running Solaris 2.1. Since going to NeWSprint 2.5, we seem to be able to hang
(stop) the spooling queue several times a day. A job will "get stuck" in the
queue, never printing, or will print and not remove itself from the queue.

Also we can use up to 100% of the CPU if the printer runs out of paper in the
middle of print job. At times we also get the scheduler (lpsched) dying with
an unexpected signal 11.

The only solutions I've found to these problems is grepping for lp jobs and
killing them or removing jobs from /var/spool/lp after doing an lpshut.

Has anyone else out there experienced similar problems? Know of any better
work-arounds? Or heard or tried any patches from Sun for these kind of problems?

Ed Albright, (303)739-4662, fax(303)343-2805, Lockheed Missiles & Space, Denver

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