Date: Thu Jul 22 1993 - 17:00:16 CDT


My original question:
>Anyway, when I was doing Macs we had a little
>app that would dial an atomic
>clock in DC or VA and set the system clock...does
>anyone have a script that
>does that for SUN, or does anyone have a BETTER solution?

I apparently generated a considerable amount of confusion in what I was trying
to accomplish with the above question. I take responsibility for that because
atthe time I asked the question, I didn't understand the (possible) complexity
ofthe issue. This is to say, I wanted to set the OpenWindows clock tool to have
the most correct time possible, I really hadn't given much thought to the
actual workstation clock. Since our machines mount OPENWIN home from the the
server, I assume that we are all 'essentially' looking at copies of the same
clock, any way, THRE IS a way of dialing into an atomic clock and having your
machine clock set 'automagically' It involves using a utility package called

To quote Bob Worsham (
> xntp is available from Get the file /pub/ntp/xntp3.tar.Z

My machines ARE NOT on the internet. Those of you who are on the internet can
use xntp to slave your machines to one of several atomic clocks that are
available on the internet. This is also done with xntp.If you are more
concerned that ALL of the workstations across you lan have virtually the same
machine clock time, xntp can be used to sync them to a local 'time server.'I
haven't actually loaded up xntp and set my clock, but will do it soon! (what
time's it getting to be, anyway?)I want to thank EVERYONE who responded to my
query. I am very happy with the responsiveness and the level of expertise
available through this list! (But, jeez,reading all the possible problems a SUN
Network CAN have does get pretty scareyday-in-and-day-out!! :-) This is support
the way it should be!Thanks again.

 PS If this summary didn't answer questions you have about setting your system
time from a remote atomic clock and you've ftp'd xntp, etc, feel free to
contactme and I'll check the SET CLOCK archives for you. Later!

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