SUMMARY + remaining questions: NIS master/slave server problem

From: Carlos Carvalho (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1993 - 09:26:14 CDT

On Friday I posted the following question:

> This afternoon a most disconcerting problem appeared. Suddenly some
> users could no longer log in, getting a "login incorrect" msg. It
> started in a DISKLESS client; loging in the server still worked fine!!
> Rebooting the client didn't help. Then we rebooted the server, and now
> we can't log in the server also :-( :-(
> ypmatch <user> passwd reports a different entry than the one in
> /var/yp/<domain>/passwd.byname.pag!!!!! WHERE THE HELL DID IT FIND THE
> OTHER ENTRY? Why doesn't it use the right one?

Thanks a lot to the responders; I got about 20 replies.

The problem was indeed that the master server was binding to another
one, supposed to be a slave server, which had out of date information.
Ravi Narayan ( got the right reason: someone did a
make in the slave, which turned it into a master. Since the *source*
passwd file is not updated, it had old info, which was pushed on the
maps and broke everything. A couple of questions remain though:

1. running a make in the good server should have downloaded the good
maps to the slave server, or at least make it revert to slave (I
touched the source passwd before making).

2. On the good server, I killed ypbind and restarted it with -ypsetme,
and used ypset to make it look at it's own maps. When I tried to
change the passwd, it said it couldn't find a rpc.yppasswdd, although
one was indeed running.

3. At this moment rebooting the good server worked.

4. The only way to make the slave server revert to slave was to run
ypinit -s on it.

Everything now is fine but I'd like to know the answers of the above
questions, since as far as I understand it, just remaking in the good
server should have fixed everything.


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