SUMMARY: decapitated S10's; how to bring to life?

From: John R. Ruckstuhl Jr. (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1993 - 02:03:54 CDT

Subject: SUMMARY: decapitated S10's; how to bring to life?

> I've rcd two SPARCserver 10's; each comes with a keyboard but no
> monitor. Each has a 1Gb disk.
> I want to repartition the disks and reload Solaris 1.1 (SunOS 4.1.3) on
> those Sservers. I also want to do the prom-based hw test to check the
> RAM.
> How do I go about bringing up these machines? It's kind of hard to go
> through the "suninstall" program and prom-monitor blind.
> I've also got a SPARCstation 10 (with monitor!) that I can use... It can
> serve diskless sun4m's, but heck, I don't even know the ethernet
> addresses of the Sservers.

If the keyboard isn't attached at boot-time, and there's no graphics
card (!!?), the machine will talk to ttya (see eeprom(8)? -- I didn't
double-check this reference). One could attach an ASCII terminal to
ttya and proceed.

I chose to use a terminal emulator on the Sstation.

Operating on the Sservers one-at-a-time,
I cabled Sstation's serial port to Sserver's serial port with a
male/male and null-modem cable.
In an xterm I tip'ed to hardwire-ttya after defining hardwire-ttya as:
("hardwire" in /etc/remote points at ttyb).
I then powered on the Sserver.

After realizing it wasn't ethernet connected and no CD-ROM was present,
the headless Sserver eventually gave me the PROM-monitor ("ok" prompt).

Some correspondents suggested temporarily connecting the Sstation's
monitor to the Sserver. This monitor is driven by an SBus card not
present in the Sservers, so this wasn't a convenient option.

Also, FYI, ethernet address is printed on the yellow paper shipped with
the machine.
The Sserver keyboards are part of the "Country Kit" and aren't needed
(keep for spares).

Thanks VERY much for the replies from

and anyone else whose reply is on the way.
I greatly appreciate your help.

Best regards,

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