SUMMARY: "mtools"-like package for Macs

Date: Mon Jul 19 1993 - 03:51:14 CDT

Fellow Managers,

I had suspected that mine was a FAQ, and indeed it was - the answer is
"definitively" located in the FAQ for comp.sys.sun.admin Usenet group
(item #24). Other than the "me toos", pretty much everyone who responded
has suggested the "suntar" utility, available from

The appropriate package is found in: /Volume1/info-mac/util/suntar-133.hqx

Also mentioned was using the Apple File Exchanger to convert file to
MS-DOS format for transferring to the Suns.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth. Nobody flamed, but I think one or two
were slightly annoyed. :-/

Anyway, thanks _very much_ to the following kind gentlemen:! (Ian Couroulis)
Maurizio Codogno <beatles.CSELT.STET.IT!>


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