SUMMARY: want cheap 1280x1024 SUN video card

From: Danny Johnson (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1993 - 00:38:55 CDT

> We know several people with immediate (actually it may
> be too late already) need for a 1280x1024 video card
> for a SUN that is not ridiculously expensive like the
> SUN GT graphics tower. We don't need great speed--
> standard GX speed is quite sufficient. We also need
> only 256 colors (pseudo-color with color table, like
> the GX). These are Sparc 2 and IPX systems running
> 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 (they can all run 4.1.3 if needed).
> We would also be interested for Sparc10s I guess,
> again running 4.1.3. Any ideas?

Apparently when I asked SUN this question I asked it wrong:
the one platform not supported is the one I asked about: IPX.

The overwhelming consensus from many respondents is:
  GXplus is what you want, although its not cheap.
  Sun has a low cost option if you have an LX, their nvram
  board will give you 1280x1024.

There is also a Turbo-GXplus available from SUN...

501-2018 GX+ for Sparc 2
501-2039 GX+ for SPARC 10 Approx 4200.00 Check with SunExpress

Enclosed find excerpts from the July 22, 1991 announcement.

There is also a 3rd party solution from a company called
Tech-Source Inc. the product is called GXTRA
Tech-Source Inc. Altamonte Springs, FL 407-830-8301
or Orange, CA 714-939-5580 (David L. Markowitz) sent a large list
of hardware offerings from companies around the world.
here is just the Tech-Source entry:

TECH-SOURCE, INC. GXTRA/W graphics controllers,
Richard Bendfelt utilizing Weitek W8720, enables
Tel: 407-830-8301 multiple users on one SPARCstation,
Fax: 407-339-2554 along with X Window acceleration.
                          Single slot 8-bit 2MB frame buffer
                          includes keyboard/mouse port, driver,
                          GXTRA/W-1600 1600x1280 $2500 now
                          GXTRA/W-1280 1280x1024 60Hz $2500 now
                          GXTRA/W-1280 1280x1024 76Hz $2500 now
                          GXTRA/W-1152 1152x 900 $2500 now
                        GXTRA/1 multi-user graphics $1995 now
                          controller. As above with
                          variable resolutions from 640x480 to
                          1152x900 selectable by user.
                        GXTRA/3 graphics controllers $4000 now
                          utilizing Weitek W8720, enables
                          multiple users on one SPARCstation,
                          with X Window accelaration. Variable
                          resolutions up to 1600x1280 @ 60Hz.
                          Single slot 3MB frame buffer with
                          8-bit plus 4-bit overlay. Includes
                          keyboard/mouse port, driver, cables.


o GXplus: The GXplus is a new graphics accelerator that delivers the two
   additional features most frequently requested on, but not provided by, the
   current GX:

        o 1280x1024 higher resolution display support
        o Hardware double buffering for smooth animation
The GXplus delivers improved performance and functionality in the same
double-SBus-wide package as the current GX.
New Features Benefits

1280x1024@67Hz refresh * Increased screen area for applications
                                  that require it like those in the
                                  financial and government markets

Hardware double buffering * Smooth animation of complex images

Off-Screen Memory * Fast screen-to-screen image storage
                                  and copy (bitblts) of frequently used
                                  pixel images such as menus

Accelerates 2-D and 3-D * Allows direct, interactive manipulation
wireframe and 2-D solids: of complex graphical models
  480,000 2-D vectors/second
  310,000 3-D vectors/second

Accelerates text, scrolling * Fast performance of all graphics
and windowing operations including all the commonly
                                  used windowing operations

                                * Improves OpenWindows performance

Compatible with all Sun`s * Delivers transparent application
Graphics libraries: Xlib, acceleration
PostScript, XGL, SunGKS,
SunPHIGS, SunVision


SPARCstation 2 GXplus:
4) GXplus requires 2 SBus slots.

Q: Why isn't the GXplus available on the SPARCstation IPX?

A: The SPARCstation IPX has the GX built onto the CPU board.
    Configuring the GXplus was not perceived as a high volume configuration.
    If you have customers who require the GXplus on the SPARCstation IPX,
    please contact Audrey Billet, the GX marketing product manager.

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