SUMMARY: undump for SUN4

From: Met Cirit X2242 (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1993 - 00:38:47 CDT

Thanks alot to people who responded to my quest for a
working undump. They saved me lots of time, and I am
very grateful.

1. sent me their undump archive for almost
   all the machines. undump.bsd.c in the archive should work for
   SUN4. I have not tried compiling package.
2. has ent me a copy of undump which works
   only for the staticly linked executables. I tried this
   on some perl scripts, it seems to work properly, after recompiling
   perl staticly. Thanks a lot Caspar!
3. sent me their undump archive. After
   finding out that number 2 was working properly, I did not
   try this out.
4. sent me an archie dump of "undump".
   I have not searched any of the places, but I feel I should
   learn how to tap all these sources more efficiently.

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