SUMMARY: 4.1.x docviewer on Solaris 2.1

Date: Sat Jul 17 1993 - 13:57:06 CDT

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Gotten several answers. Only one really useful one. This is
given by Leslie Dreyer Kalra ( (for all
those who answered, I was running NeWS (not X11) and was setting
my DISPLAY env variable correctly). See below for the right

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Yes, I had the same problem here, and I called it in to Sun.
After some consultation with the powers that be, they told me
that you can't do a remote display of the 4.1.x docviewer
on a 5.x machine due to incompatibilities of the NeWS
software. They didn't elaborate on those incompatibilities.
It doesn't work and they don't intend to make it work.

Your best bet is to upgrade your Classic to Solaris 2.2.
With the 2.2 AnswerBook, you can look at any AnswerBook that
is installed anywhere on your network, as long as you can get
to its (ASCII) bookinfo file (and you don't have to do a remote display).
It treats each AnswerBook like a book on a shelf, as they put
it, which you pull down to look through or put back. It lets
you "modify" your "library" so that you search through only
the AnswerBooks you need. I think it's the niftiest thing in
Solaris 2.2, including the volume manager...

Of course, your other alternative is to get Solaris 1.1 for
your Classic ...:)

Hope this helps...

Leslie Dreyer Kalra
AT&T Bell Labs
Allentown, PA
(Usual disclaimers apply)

This answered my question. (Unfortunately did not solve my problem.)
I have been trying to get hands on Solaris 2.2 for ages. Anyone know
of a good 3rd Party PD docviewer?

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