SUMMARY: Bootblock unable to read label

From: Robert M. Kuhn (
Date: Sat Jul 17 1993 - 06:05:15 CDT

Well, I got many replies, a lot of which pointed me to earlier
summaries and, to my shame, a FAQ. My excuse is that the
answer to question 11 includes information which is not
really an answer to the question.

The important extra information I have to impart is that:

1) the solution in the FAQ does not always work, and
   did not in my case, or that of
   "Everett Schell" <>
   This is PROBABLY because both he and I are booting from
   drives other than sd0 (SCSI target 3). I am checking this
   with Sun, but I GUESS that the line "2: cd /sd" needs
   to be replaced with an appropriate one for the particular drive.

2) I had been on the right track when I left the first cylinder
   out of partition 'a' -- I do not understand WHY it works, but
   starting partition 'a' at cylinder 2 solved the problem. Thanks to

   "Everett Schell" <> (Birger A. Wathne)

Thanks also to all of those who tried to help,

        Robert M. Kuhn
        Director of Computing in Mathematics
        Department of Mathematics
        Harvard University
        1 Oxford Street
        Cambridge, MA 02138

----- Begin FAQ Answer 11 (extract) -----

        Note: Older Wren 7's may not boot on IPX's, ELC's and later machines,
        due to a bug in the Wren 7's firmware. Here is a patch to the NVRAM
        which must be made from the monitor. Only make this patch if you
        have prom revision 2.0 or greater:

        (from monitor level)
> n
        ok nvedit
          0: true to fcode-debug?
          1: probe-all install-console banner
          2: cd /sd
          3: patch 0 1 sstart
          4: device-end
          5: [ press <control> c to exit nvedit at this point ]
        ok nvstore
        ok setenv use-nvramrc? true
        ok reset

        WARNING : It is important that you type this correctly. Check this
                  several times! Remember all the question marks, dashes
                  and spaces and yes, sstart should be with two "s"'s.
                  Note: Syntax errors in your NVRAMRC can make your
                  machine unbootable. In Prom version 2.x, hitting L1-N
                  after the selftest at bootup will reset the NVRAM.

        (Thanks to nedre@gest20.SINet.SLB.COM for the Wren 7 fix.)

----- End FAQ Answer 11 (extract) -----

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After obtaining a loaner disk I'm stumped on getting it booting.
Here's the setup:-

SparcStation 2, no internal disk, SCSI bus with 2 enclosures,
SunCD and Seagate Wren VII as sd3. SunOS 4.1.2 virgin install from CD.

I have booted from CD and installed the OS twice. In between,
the disk has been reformatted, repartitioned to start partition 'a'
at cylinder 1, the label rewritten, but when I try
to boot from the disk I still get

Bootblock: libprom.a: Romvec Version 2
Can't read disk label.
Can't open disk label package
Bootblock startup failed
Illegal Instruction

I can boot from CD, load the miniroot into /dev/sd3g, boot the
miniroot, mount the root and usr partitions. Everything looks
just fine. fsck shows no problems.

I'm stumped. The kicker is, this is a server for a network which
has now been down for 2 days -- help!

        Robert M. Kuhn
        Director of Computing in Mathematics
        Department of Mathematics
        Harvard University
        1 Oxford Street
        Cambridge, MA 02138

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