SUMMARY: Selection service error in openwin

From: Himanshu Gohel (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1993 - 17:24:37 CDT

A week ago, I asked why OpenWindows 3.1 was producing this error on startup:

         selection_service: Permission denied
         Couldn't register selection service

I received quite a few theories, and some requests for summaries, so here is
the answer that was definitely the problem in our case, sent in by
Tommi Saarinen <> who says:

"It means that some other user has been using OW before you and rpcbind
 has registered selection_service to her. You can check it with rpcinfo
 and unregister with rpcinfo -d (see man page for details). Of course
 you have to be super user to unregister someone else's

 Because everything is still working normally, I think that you could
 just ignore that message, but if you are really paranoid maybe it
 could be better to do rpcinfo -d ... for your own selection_service
 before logging out.

 It seems to be fixed in Solaris 2.2."

Himanshu Gohel,
U of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620-3140

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