Re: SUMMARY: Dial in/out on Solaris 2.2

From: Lupe Christoph (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1993 - 13:18:43 CDT (Jim Chappell) writes:

>Ted Gilchrist ( wrote:
>: I have some questions about setting up by 14400 baud modem
>: for dialing OUT from my Sparc Classic running Solaris 2.1.

>..Stuff deleted.

>: Here is me dialing a 9600 baud line in a couple of diffent ways:

>: tiburon% tip -19200 8568960

>: failed
>: [EOT]
>: tiburon% tip -9600 8568960

>: failed
>: [EOT]
>: tiburon%

>: Somebody, please help. I'm trapped at 2400 baud!

>: Ted Gilchrist

>I haven't tried Solaris yet but in 4.3BSD and earlier dists tip didn't support speeds above 2400.
>(I had access to the source. It's in tip itself, you'd have thought it would be in uucp dialers,
>wouldn't you ?!)

SunOS tip has been able to do better'n 2400 for quite a while now.
I'm running Solaris 1.1, and it can do 38400. I haven't tried
tip on Sol2 yet, but my printer s running at 38400 on both Sol1 and Sol2.

I would suggest that everybody try to talk to the modem first by matching
the hardwire entry in /etc/remote to the required port/speed, etc. before
they try tip dialing.

For people prepared to hack a little, there is also tipx in comp.sources.misc,
volume 13. A common problem with tip is that the dialer is quite specific.
Most of the time the modem needs to be set in a special way.

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