Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 04:08:11 CDT


  I have my NIS+ domain up and running and am getting intimately familiar
with the inner workings of NIS+, much to my dismay..:-)

I got a lot of replies about my question. One person came up with a
cheat sheet for installing and populating NIS+. I had followed the Ramsey
book while setting up NIS+. The only step that was/is missing from the
Ramsey book when setting up NIS+ is that you should do a:

keylogin -r

after doing the nisupdkeys and giving yourself rmcd access to the domain.

After this I killed and restarted my rpc.nisd and everything was fine.

The cheat sheet I got from this person (whose message I have unfortunately
deleted, but not before printing out the cheat sheet!) was very helpful.

Thanks a lot to the people that answered. (Ramesh)
Richard E. Perlotto II
Fabrice Cuq
Dave Melvin
Steve Jones
Joel Shandelman
Barnes William

I am going to be enhancing the cheat sheet that I have and making it
available to people that would like to use it. Basically it will be of
the form:

setting up root domain

adding existing data into root domain

adding authorized clients

adding a group of admins

setting up subdomain

adding existing data to subdomain

create replica server of subdomain

adding client systems to subdomain

All of these topics are already covered in the cheat sheet that I got.
Perhaps the actual creator of this would like to step forward and add to
it as well. The additions that I would like to see are:

adding users
adding network services
troubleshooting section

-- amit
Amit Bhatiani
LAN Systems Integration
JPMorgan, NY

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