SUMMARY: old 19" color monitor specs needed

From: Martin Fowler (martin@oryzopsis.NREL.ColoState.EDU)
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 01:37:23 CDT

I recently asked:

  For help with a purchase decision, I'm looking for specifications on
  monitor part numbers 365-1056 and 365-1073. I believe they were both
  made by Hitachi and were used with SPARCstation 1s.

Responses indicated that specifications were basically the same,
but that the 365-1073 was newer, had the 13W3 connector (rather
than 4 BNC connectors) and could switch between 115V and 240V. One
respondent said the -1056 display was notorious for becoming dim
and fuzzy (and that was enough to steer me toward the -1073 -- thanks
Bill!). The specifications are:

        Hitachi HM4119-S-AA-0
        1152x900 Resolution
        62KHz Horizontal Scan Frequency
        66Hz Vertical Refresh Rate
        115V Monitor
        4xBNC connector

        Hitachi HM4119-S-DA-0L
        1152x900 Resolution
        62KHz Horizontal Scan Frequency
        66Hz Vertical Refresh Rate
        115V/240V switchable Monitor
        13W3 connector

Many thanks to the following for help with this:
Bill Maggio <> (Steve Lee)

-Martin <martin@NREL.ColoState.EDU>

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