Re: SUMMARY: Dial in/out on Solaris 2.2

From: Hoyt Emmet Hudson (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1993 - 16:40:24 CDT (Camden Clarke) writes:

> eeprom settings:
> Please note that these are mostly the opposite of what the documentation
> suggests, but seem to work.
> ttyb-mode=19200,8,n,1,h
> ttyb-rts-dtr-off=true
> ttyb-ignore-cd=true
> setup command (for port B):
> (Thanks to Judy at Sun support!)
>ttyadm -d /dev/term/b -s /usr/bin/login -l contty1H -b -m ldterm,ttcompat\
> -T wyse50 -S n -p "`uname -n` login:" -i "Login disabled." > /tmp/ttyadm.out
>pmadm -a -p zsmon -s ttyb -i root -v `ttyadm -V` -fu -m `cat /tmp/ttyadm.out`

I've been working on the problem of dial in/out directly from a Sun
Sparcstation classic. I've been working with an Artecon 16S (a 16 port
multiplexer connected to a SBus Card), which in theory should provide my
with 16 dialin/outs directly to the sun, right? Well, to put it lightly,
the Artecon is a dog and it woofs. (By the way, I've tried the Sun
Parallel Serial Controller, 8 serial ports and it really sucks rocks. Please
dont buy that thing.)

I finally got a copy of "Corrections to SunOS5.1 Adding and Maintaining
Devices and Drivers" -- there are about 4 copies of incorrect documents
out there.

I also had to upgrade from Solaris 2.1 to Solaris 2.2 to get very much
to work.

I finally did almost the same thing; I finally ended up with
  pmadm -a -p zsmon -s 0 -i root -v 1 -fu -m "`ttyadm -d /dev/term/0 \
  -s /usr/bin/login -l courier -b -S n -m ldterm,ttcompat`"

(Notice that on these multiplexers create devices /dev/term/0 through
  /dev/term/7 and /dev/cua/0 through /dev/cua/7.)

Where "courier" is defined in /etc/ttydefs as
  courier:9600 sane -parity hupcl:9600 sane -parity hupcl::9600

To give me 9600 baud dialin... Unfortunately, I haven't been able to
get this to work at anything _less_ than 9600. Sigh.

I think I'm gonna end up using a 66Mhz 486 PC running Linux with a
Arnet Smart Port +8... anyone tried that yet? (Or am I the first
to beat my head on that wall, too?)

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