SUMMARY: Missing tapedevice files in Solaris 2.2??

From: Attila Nemeth (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1993 - 15:02:42 CDT

Thank you guys/girls for answering my question. As usual, the answers provided were
100% correct. Thanks to:

The question was:
> I have installed Solaris 2.2 and found that some of the tapedevice files
> are missing. The files under /dev/rmt don't exist. The directory is empty!
> Shouldn't files like 01n etc be located in /dev/rmt ? Is there something
> I have missed?

The problem was that my device driver for SysV.4 wasn't loaded :-)

The solution was to:

Power on the device in question and then perform:

boot -r

I assume that the drivers had been loaded if the tapedevice had been powered on when I
installed the kernel. The tapedevice was actually powered off when I installed the

Again, thanks to all who responded.

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