zs0: silo overflow (SUMMARY)

From: Greg Lindstrom (LINDSTROM@acs.harding.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 01 1993 - 11:53:45 CDT

Yesterday I asked about a "zs0: silo overflow" message
I saw during bootup (SPARC IPC, SunOS 4.1.2).

It appears that the zs0 refers to the "a" serial port and
something was being sent from the device attached to that
port during boot-up (in out case, a laser printer). Almost
all say that it is not an area of concern unless it rears
its ugly head often..then either unplug the device from
that port or get a pair of wire clippers.....

Thanks to the following for their help:

        Carl Brewer (carl@oversteer.library.uwa.edu.au)
        Lars Nordin (nordin@ada.agema.se)
        Adrian Rodriguez (adrian@klinzhai.rutgers.edu)
        Michael Hardy (mhardy@acorn.co.uk)
        Neil Briscoe (neil@salmon.demon.co.uk)
        Walt Dabell (walt@diusys.cms.udel.edu)
        Per Baekgaard (peb@pine.dk)

And to the two who replied to RTFM I say "get a life."

Greg Lindstrom
Harding University
Searcy, Arkansas

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