SUMMARY: 4.1.3 sendmail problem

From: Derek Terveer (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1993 - 13:28:24 CDT

Sorry this SUMMARY is so late. Apparently this problem is very well
known and is a FAQ.

My original query follows at the bottom of this mail. The overwhelming
response was that the sendmail invocation in /etc/rc.local should be
moved down in the /etc/rc.local file to a point after the ldconfig
lines. The sendmail needs the shared libraries but can't have them
until ldconfig runs and so starting it before ldconfig will cause
problems. Killing it and restarting therefore works because the second
invocation is done after ldconfig has been started.

Some other suggestions were:

        get patch 100377-05
        don't use frozen configuration files (sun recommends against it?)
        possible NIS race condition

If you want the full set of unadulterated replies, send me mail.

I got replies from many people, and I wish to thank all of them for
their help: (Wolfgang Kuehnel )
Mike Raffety <> (Sven Maurmann)
Gene Rackow <>
Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <> (Paul Lord)
"Fuat C. Baran" <> (Birger A. Wathne)
David Lee <> (Phil Male) (Barnes William) (Doris Harrington)
pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU (Patrick L. Nolan) (Guntram Wolski)
Jason Haar <>
Christopher Davis <> (Bruce Cogan) (James Terry)
Patrick O'Callaghan <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Andy Feldt) (Xavier Salvador) (Cameron Humphries) (Eckhard Rueggeberg) (Scott Crosbie)
> I am experiencing some problems with sendmail upon reboot. It seems
> that most, if not all, of the time when we reboot our mail server (Sun
> ELC, 4.1.3) sendmail can't expand any names and so bounces all of the
> mail sent to it. The fix is to simply kill off the sendmail daemon and
> restart it. Then everything works fine until we boot the system
> again. Obviously, this is quite inconvenient and will still
> potentially bounce mail if mail arrives or needs to be processed by
> sendmail between the time the sendmail daemon is started and we log in
> and kill & restart it.
> I don't quite understand why the second invocation works fine and the
> first doesn't unless there is something that sendmail relies upon in
> the environment that isn't there anymore.


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