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Date: Mon Jun 28 1993 - 18:49:53 CDT

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>Being in the defense industry, we have little (if any) money to spend on
>new hardware. So, I have been given the task of locating/writing a utility
>to tell us who is using how much disk space, how old the files are,
>what percent is over xx days old, etc. In other words, a disk mgmt utility.
>Does anyone know of one already in existance that meets the requirements
>for functionality and cost ($0.00 or less...). This should help us free
>up disk space being used for no good reason, AND help us justify new
>disks, should we not find tons of old files. Thanks.

Thanks to all the folks who responded to my question about disk space
mgmt, utils and otherwise regaining control of _OUR_ systems' disks.
Basically the answer was to RTFM and see "man quot". That command works
well, I wish I had known it existed in the first place. A few had written
scripts and sent them, 2 had perl scripts, some recommended using df,
quot, and find. There were 2 C programs, which I haven't had time to do
anything with, too.

The scripts were very helpful, and do some very nice formatting for the
mgmt to see. Thanks to all, and I really appreciate it. I am planning to
use a combination of the perl script from, as
well as a Bourne shell script that uses quot, from
They seem to fit right into our environment. Thanks for all of you
who took the time to answer. A couple have asked for the good stuff I
got, and I'll send all scripts, etc to you. If anyone else would like
the 'good stuff' - read scripts - I'll be glad to forward to you.

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