Summary... Re: Exabyte EXB-120 Tape Robots

From: Geoff Brunkhorst (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1993 - 12:56:38 CDT

I wrote...
> >>>We are looking at building an automated network backup system.
> >>>A couple of software vendors have suggested Exabyte's EXB-120,

Thanks for the replies. Most got off the subject, but basically
pointed out that there options to the EXB120 if I'm not satified
with their performance.

Basically, I was told that the EXB120 is solid, but the 8500's
are effectively 'wear-dated' and only last so many hours of
service. If I plan on spending the money to replace the 8500's
regularly, I should have no real problems with the unit.

As for the other options, they look nice, but end up segmenting
the pool to particular tapes. This is not a good thing in
our environment, and we want to avoid that.

And finally a couple of suggestions for the StorageTek 3480 silo
won't go unheeded. that's what we asked for, and eventually
we hope to get it.

thanks again,

- Geoff
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